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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), registered in the Nürnberg District Court Registry, PR (Partnership Register) 237.


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Dietrich Tergau

Dr. Andreas Walkenhorst

Dr. Jörg Kugler


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Längenstr. 14
D-90491 Nürnberg


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Kirchenweg 10 
D-90419 Nürnberg

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Lurgiallee 12
D-60439 Frankfurt / Main

Tel. 069 / 90 55 26 20
Fax 069 / 90 55 26 15

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Längenstraße 14
D-90491 Nürnberg


Tel. 0911 / 37 65 30 0
Fax 0911 / 37 65 30 29

Admission of attorney at law:

All patent attorneys and attorneys at law in our firm are authorized under the German law. Apart from the attorneys at law, the patent attorneys in our law firm are also authorized to work as European Trademark and Design Attorneys before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). The patent attorneys in our firm, if appointed European Patent Attorneys, may also be allowed to represent before the European Patent Office (EPO).

For patent attorneys, the competent supervisory authorities are the

Attorneys at Law are subject to professional regulations, which include, in particular, the Professional Code for Attorneys (Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwält, BORA), the Federal Code for the Legal Profession (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung, BRAO) and the Attorneys Compensation Act (Rechtsanwalttsvergütungsgesez, RVG). A current version of the above-mentioned regulations can be found on the Federal Chamber of Justice website  (       

Patent attorneys are subject to regulations which include, in particular, the Patent Attorney Act (Patentanwaltsordnung, PA)] and the Professional Code of Conduct for Patent Attorneys (Berufsordnung für Patentanwälte, BOPA). A current version of the above-mentioned regulations can be viewed on the Patent Attorney Association's website ( 


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The firm has a professional liability insurance policy with

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